Tanzania: A New Species is Discovered!

The new addition to the sengi family was first spotted in 2005 when Francesco Rovero of the Trento Museum of Natural Sciences in Italy set up motion-sensing cameras in the forests of Tanzania’s Eastern Arc Mountains. A photograph appeared of a creature with a long...

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Cape Town beaches

Good morning all, yip just 2 weeks to go before Christmas is here, wow this year has just gone by so quickly. Summer is always good here in Cape Town but last weekend was special, hot, hot and hot, at last! This past winter was rather unkind to us sun lovers, but with...

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KwaZulu Natal, South Africa’s Wildside

Natal, most popular with South Africans is one of the most underrated destinations in South Africa. One on my personal favorite African safari destinations, without a doubt. Lets me give you a small personal tour of the province; Zululand: - Northern areas of Natal,...

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Live Bait, Kalk Bay – Restaurant Review

It was a perfect sunny winter day. Kalk Bay harbour was heaving with activity – whales breaching in the ocean off the harbour wall, people strolling down the harbour wall watching fishermen casting their lines over the side while men on the fishing boats pottered...

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O on Kloof – Review

What started out to be another cloudy and rainy winter morning in Cape Town actually turned out to be one of the most loveliest day's. Myself and my colleague (Sarah) spent a day doing site inspections.What caught my attention was the Boutique Hotel, O on Kloof. First...

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Snow in Sutherland

Hello all, 2 week ago we went to Sutherland, something that we booked in December (yip 8 months ago).What luck - snow in Sutherland - this is not why we booked, we just wanted to be cold, Sutherland IS the coldest town in South Africa, and cold is what we got with an...

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Zambia Safari Holidays

Goodness, at last finished with updating Zambia. We have added the following Zambia Safari holidays especially for those clients of ours that have noted that there is more to Zambia than Luangwa and Victoria Falls. So here goes with the new and improved Zambia: Zambia...

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Bushmans Kloof Game Reserve

We just heard from our friends at Bushmans Kloof: It's the height of the African summer and Bushmans Kloof is reporting that they are experiencing temperatures in the high 30's and even 40 degrees Celsius. The Bushmans Kloof Lodge is chock-a-block, and here at midday,...

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Kenya safari ambassador tribute – A sad moment

In memoriam Honey; Honey was famous for jumping into vehicles to obtain a better view of her idyllic world - the Masai Mara Game Reserve. This special cheetah was killed on the 17th of February 2007 in full view of her three remaining cubs - a tragedy which is felt by...

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Botswana Elephant Safari Holiday

Elephants can live for 50 years, so when Doug and Sandi Groves adopted Jabu, Thembi and later Morula, rescuing them from culling operations that had left them orphans, they knew they were making a life-long commitment to the trio. Doug and Sandi Groves had strived to...

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