Flights To Africa

Flights To Africa

At we can put together bespoke itineraries specifically for your needs which include all scheduled (international and domestic) and charter flights to and from anywhere in Africa.

Whether you are based in Europe, the Americas, Australia or Asia, our consultants will arrange all flights from your point of departure to your African destination and right back to your home destination. Our flight sales team will suggest the absolute best choices when reserving travel arrangements to, from and within Africa. offers flights to and from Southern and Eastern Africa from any destination in the World at extremely competitive fares. All flights can be booked directly with us for your convenience, one safari package, one price, one point of payment. If you would like to organise the flights yourself or book with your air-miles, no problem. We will assist you all the way.

Note; all flights are booked in conjunction with a safari package.

Flight Desk;

We work together with all regulated airlines that travel to, from and within Africa so as not only to provide you with the best possible prices but in addition to make certain that your African safari works like clockwork from the second you depart until the moment you return home.

In addition, all our special charters are made by nationally authorized operators who have the required permits and insurances.

Delays and Changes;

Each of our experts possesses a unique understanding of all the flight service providers together with their unique routes. In the instance that something changes with any your flights., from our base in Cape Town, will be the very first ones to learn about it which enables us, with the advantage of our on the ground local knowledge, to reprogram your flight schedule so that it does not negatively impact your wonderful African safari.

Flight Experts;

Our team of flight consultants can readily book each and every seating class, as well as manage pre-seating, diet requirements, special requirements (for example wheelchair assistance), flight verification in addition to check in. They will also take care of anytime consuming issues that may perhaps arise right after booking your airline tickets, for example dealing with schedule alterations, flight cancellations, re-routing in addition to airline carriers failing economically.

Private Charter Flights;

Our team of consultants will arrange for you a private air charter to pretty much any destination within Africa that offers a landing strip. If sitting around an airport waiting for a scheduled flight is not your way of travelling, then contact us and we will gladly package a bespoke safari for you that includes not only private flights but also the very best in terms of accommodation and all other arrangements. Private charters are not always as expensive as one might think.

Air Shuttle Services;

Air shuttle Services are offered daily between all main airports across Africa to most of the popular safari destinations. Here are a few examples of the routes that offered by Air Shuttles Services: Johannesburg to the Kruger and Madikwe Parks; Nairobi to Amboseli and Masai Mara; Arusha to the Serengeti and Zanzibar; Lusaka to Victoria Falls, Luangwa and Lower Zambezi: Maun to the Okavango Delta, Moremi and Chobe areas.

Baggage Restrictions;

On all international flights to Africa there will be a weight restriction on the amount of baggage one can take (between 20 - 40kg's), we will advise on the correct figures when booking (airline and passenger class dependent). On air shuttles and private flights and charters one needs to have soft sided bags (with no wheels) and a maximum weight limit of 15kg per person, please be aware that this is strictly adhered to.