In the Samara Private Game Reserve,  a tiny little Samara Cheetah Cub was born to Bellini on Friday the 14th of June, one of the wild cheetah females at Samara. Unlike Sibella, none of her previous cubs had survived.

So, it seemed pertinent that she hid the cub under a bush very close to Karoo Lodge, where she knew that humans would find her.

There is a policy of letting nature take its course and not interfering, but it was very difficult for staff to hear the little thing mewing with hunger, so the lodge staff took her into their homes and hearts and fed her every one and a half hours through day and night. She is now almost 6 weeks old and seems to be thriving.

Only one in 5 cheetah cubs are female, soit was felt to be very important to protect her. Karoo Lodge staff have called her Nala, which means ‘hope’. If she survives and you would like to be part of her life going forward, please e mail Samara at

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