One of my most formative experiences with these magnificent beasts was about thirty years ago in the Kora Game Reserve in north eastern Kenya working for the internationally renowned game ranger , George Adamson. Our battered Land Rover had broken down (again) about 15 kilometres from camp (kampi ya simba). Setting out in the sweltering midday sun, we were approaching the final track to camp at dusk only to be confronted by a large pride of about 11 lions casually blocking the road. We stared at each other for about half an hour. They couldn’t have been particularly hungry because I lived to tell you this tale but since that day, the die was cast. I was smitten by these creatures. Majestic, dignified and virile yet with a relaxed demeanor and gait.

We at Uyaphi are lucky to be based in Africa. Our team has over 200 years of accumulated safari experience and we rejoice to be in the bush at every opportunity. We have collected quite a collection of safari photographs from over a dozen countries. Enjoy this gallery of lions and be sure to know that we enjoyed taking them even more!

Amazing pictures of Lions – pictures taken by James Bester & Nikki Theron

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