TripAdvisor recently released a survey comparing the cost of a night out in major world cities. A surprise to some but not to us at Uyaphi, Cape Town came out as the ninth cheapest city in the world for travellers.

The decline of the South African Rand has played a major part in this. South Africa is not unique; many developing world and commodity related currencies have posted significant declines this years against the US dollar, British pound and Euro. With a collapse of almost 18% against the dollar, South Africa has become a very attractive, value for money proposition for many visitors.

The survey was based on the cost of a couple staying one night in a four-star hotel, drinks, a two-course dinner with a bottle of wine, and a return taxi fare of 3.2 kilometres each way. Even before the recent decline in the rand, eating out in Cape Town was always good value neverthemind the quality and choice on offer.

There are other interesting results from this survey. The cheapest city to visit and spend the night was Sofia in Bulgaria. Now I may be prejudiced but when it comes to a toss up between visiting Cape Town or visiting Sofia, I think, hmmmm, I would rather go to Cape Town.

This survey represents absolute cost in dollars. What the visitor also wants is quality and again this beautiful city scores highly. Beautiful scenery, landscapes, attractions and friendly locals. A winning combination. In a recent Mastercard survey, Johannesburg was Africa’s most popular city in terms of international visitor numbers. This is not surprising as Joburg serves as a hub for tourism to Southern Africa.

The conclusion of this tale is that if you want to travel to Cape Town or South Africa, go now. You may not have it as cheap again for a long time.

10 most expensive cities
1. Oslo, Norway $561.26 (R5 604)
2. Zurich, Switzerland $506.45 (R5 052)
3. Stockholm, Sweden $504.30 (R5 032)
4. New York City, US $498.58 (R4 961)
5. Paris, France $494.96 (R4 935)
6. Sydney, Australia $445.64 (R4 443)
7. London, Britain $437.40 (R4 363)
8. Copenhagen, Denmark $429.55 (R4 286)
9. Cancun, Mexico $426.09 (R4 253)
10. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $420.91 (R4 193)

10 cheapest cities
1. Sofia, Bulgaria $153.21 (R1 524)
2. Hanoi, Vietnam $170.12 (R1 697)
3. Warsaw, Poland $181.73 (R1 807)
4. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt $184.74 (R1 837)
5. Budapest, Hungary $186.46 (R1 857)
6. Bangkok, Thailand $194.79 (R1 932)
7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia $210.30 (R2 096)
8. Tunis, Tunisia $211.51 (R2 102)
9. Cape Town, South Africa $212.49 (R2 100)
10. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia $212.72 (R2 100)

Cape Town Value for Money by Nicolas Edwards

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