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Oakhurst Olive Estate

Oakhurst Olive Estate

And now for something completely different, Olive Oil Tasting.

Yip you read that part right, for us this was a mind blowing experience. Never ever has we even contemplated that olive oil had so many tastes, smells and complexities yet there we where sipping Olive Oil out of shot glasses and loving every second of the experience.

The tasting area at Oakhurst is very stylish with great views out over the the surrounding valley and mountains.

Our guide was extremely knowledgeable on pretty much everything Oakhurst and olive related, you literally could see the passion for her job and love of olives running through her veins - brilliant absolutely brilliant.

So with the tasting finished we simply had to buy; we walked out with 5 litres of "Oakhurst Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil", a small bottle of "Oakhurst Intense Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and wait for it, 3 kgs of "Oakhurst Kalamata Olives".

When we say the Olive Oil is good here at Oakhurst, we mean it. Their awards include the 2014 New York International Olive Oil Competition "Best in Class" win.

All photographs have been taken by us here at with the sole purpose of showcasing the Oakhurst Olive Estate and area from our point of view.

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