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Waverley Hills Wines

Waverley Hills Wines

Waverley Hills wine tasting, cellar, restaurant and vineyard is well worth the visit when in the Tulbagh region. Okay so truth be told they are actually located near the town of Wolseley on the road between Tulbagh and Ceres, but on saying that only a 10 minute drive from Tulbagh itself.

The views from the tasting area and restaurant are sublime being positioned high up on a mountain slope.

I am certainly not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I liked the wines on offer. They were good everyday drinkable wines and to be honest that is all I expect from a wine, nothing more, nothing less. I do have a very soft spot for MCC bubbly though and Waverley Hills offers a very nice (yet dry) offering.

For those who suffer from Asthma or a allergic reaction to sulphates in wine, well then - this is the wine for you. All (and I mean all) the wines are very low on sulphates and as a Asthmatic myself not once here did I have to reach for the old trusty Asthma pump - that is probably the first time in my wine tasting history that that has happened.

The guys and girls Waverley Hills are extremely knowledgeable on their product and menu. It was bliss just listening to the stories of the farm, what makes their wine different, their history, awards won and the wildlife on the property.

Waverley Hills is that something a little different, that something that makes the trip there worth while.

All photographs have been taken by us here at with the sole purpose of showcasing the Tulbagh area from our point of view only.

You can contact Waverley Hills directly on or join one of our Cape Winelands tours;
+27 (0)23 231 0002

Waverley Hills organic wines