We have known about the results for quite a few months now, but at last Table Mountain has been confirmed as one of the new natural seven wonders of the world. Table Mountain is the fifth new natural wonder site to have been confirmed, along with Puerto Princesa Underground River, Iguazu Falls, Halong Bay and Jeju Island (whilst the provisional list still has The Amazon and Komodo Island to confirm). It is such an honour for us Capetonians to have our table Mountain listed amongst such illustrious company, we are a proud little bunch I can tell you that for nothing.

A few facts on Table Mountain natural wonder of the world;

– It rises 1,086 metres above sea level.
– The first ascent of table Mountain took place in 1503.
– The mountain itself mainly consists of sandstone.
– An estimated 2200 species of plants are confined to be found on Table Mountain only (to put that into perspective 2200 plants is more than exists in the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain).
– The last lion was shot on table Mountain in 1802, but leopards were still found until around about the 1920’s.
– People have been living on and around the Cape Peninsula for well over 2000 years.
– the mountain is approximately 260,000,000 years old, compare that to lets say for example The Alps who are only 32 million years old.

These are just a few of the very very impressive aspects of table Mountain’s history, fauna and flora diversity as well as well just plain beauty to be honest.

So when in Cape Town how does one explore this new natural wonder of ours; well in general you have two options to get the top firstly by cable car and secondly by foot. The cable car since its conception has taken approximately 20,000,000 people to the top of  Table Mountain, this my friends just goes to show how popular destination is. The cableway opened on the 4 October 1929, the first cars were made of steel and wood and can carry around with 19 passengers as compared by today’s standards with the cars can carry up to 65 people with a floor that rotates 360° so that the marvellous views of Cape Town never lost irrespective of where you are standing. most people who visit Cape Town will get to the top of Table Mountain near the cableway or at least get to the bottom if you are one of those energetic types.

Should you feel like hiking to the top of the mountain one would traditionally do this via Platteklip Gorge, this route can be done between one and three hours of course depending on your fitness levels. One of the bonuses of the cable, is that one can hike to the top of the mountain have lunch and a few beers or a bottle one and then catch the cable car down – Genius .

the one thing I would suggest though is that whether you are hiking or taking the cable to the top, use a taxi to get the main cable way building. Traffic here in the peak season is bad to say the least the least with taxi you can get dropped off and picked up at your convenience from anyone of the Cape Town hotels.

Anyways this is a very proud lot of Capetonians and all we can say is come and visit and explore a new national wonder of the world.

Table Mountain natural wonder of the world, The Uyaphi Team

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