Good morning all, yip just 2 weeks to go before Christmas is here, wow this year has just gone by so quickly. Summer is always good here in Cape Town but last weekend was special, hot, hot and hot, at last! This past winter was rather unkind to us sun lovers, but with water reserves in and around Cape Town at 99.8% full I suppose I should not complain too much.

Anyways back on to the Cape Town Beaches, all on the Atlantic seaboard side of Cape Town;

1) Hout Bay beach; Popular with locals and dog walkers, close to shops and restaurants, a great beach for just walking and taking in the stunning scenery. I my humble opinion this is not one of the best tanning beaches, too many people on the move + all those dogs do my head in.

2) Llandudno beach; Now we are talking, great tanning, great views (scenery as well as bikini’s), great surfing – just a great all round beach. Parking is a pain in the butt though in peak season, but go for it. Just out of interest for those of you who are interested in going bare (naked), Sandy Bay is around the corner, a stunning beach just after the boulders with crystal clear aqua waters awaits (just note that people here are naked so be warned – lol).

3) Camps Bay beach; Without a doubt the most popular beach in Cape Town and for good reason, it is central, close to shops, restaurants and bars – all the while offering some of the finest tanning sands around. BUT and there is always a BUT, parking is an absolute nightmare in December and January, get there early and stay the whole day is my recommendation. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely. Around the corner from Camps Bay beach is a bar/ restaurant called La Med, just perfect for the young and single.

Anyways off to do some more work, Enjoy the pictures and some links for accommodation and safaris;

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Atlantic Seaboard Accommodation
Cape Town City Accommodation
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