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Krone South Africa

Krone South Africa

Ask any South African what their favorite bottle of bubbly is and most will answer "Krone".

Just a quick explanation on what MCC (M├ęthode Cap Classique) is in South Africa, basically our version of Champagne but since France holds the rights for that word we had to come up with our own branding and that is MCC. MCC wines are produced in the same way as the traditional Champagne method.

Now back onto Krone and the tasting experience. In a nutshell this is a must visit spot for a little bubbly tasting when in the Tulbagh region.

The tasting area is outside under oak trees with amazingly historic buildings surrounding one with views out over vineyards and onto those majestic mountains in the background.

The staff are friendly and are always on hand to pour a generous amount of bubbly into your awaiting glass. The tasting was free which is not common anymore and came as great yet pleasant surprise.

Krone is located on the farm "Twee Jonge Gezellen" about halfway between the town of Tulbagh and Oakhurst Olives were the road turns from tar to dirt.

As you may notice below with the limited amount of photographs we have, we had such a good time we forgot to photograph the place. Bit of an ooopsie on our behalf but then again it kind of gives you an idea of what a great place awaits.

All photographs have been taken by us here at with the sole purpose of showcasing Krone and surrounding area from our point of view.

Krone Photo Gallery