Zambia Bat Safari were 10 000 000 fruit bats converge upon Zambia’s Kasanka National Park as the fruits of a local tree ripen, this is certainly one of those safari that simply cannot be missed. This particular migration only happens yearly between the months of November and December. One of the worlds greatest migrations awaits. So when in Southern Africa or Zambia over these months it is highly recommended that one gives the Kasanka National Park some serious thought.


Although on this safari there is no savings, deals or offers available but it is featured under our special banner for one reason and one reason only. It is a once in a lifetime safari and only runs over two months of any given year.

Here is the basic safari itinerary for the Kasanka Bat Safari;

Country visited; Zambia
Parks visited; Kasanka National Park and the world famous South Luangwa National Park
Maximum Group size; 6 adults per safari
Optional add-on; Victoria Falls

It is important to remember that all areas we visit on this safari are affected by malaria and the heat of Africa in summer. Standard precautions against Malaria will more suffice in terms of protecting against this disease and in regards the heat, drink lots of liquid and you will be okay.

Cheers and enjoy
James Bester

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