Pricing; probably the most important factor when one looks at a Lodge, the price versus what you are actually getting. This is where Impodimo Game Lodge covers all the correct bases. It is without a doubt a luxurious Lodge, and from a price point comes in at a very affordable rate. The rate covers dinner, lunch and breakfast as well as 2 game drives a day – in a nutshell the same as you would get from a Lodge three times the price.

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The bedrooms: there are a total of 10 suites, each and every suite perfectly positioned so that one constantly has that feeling of being in the deep dark African Bush. The individual suites offer three main areas, the bedroom, bathroom and outside Veranda. The bedrooms are spacious with a large bed (with mosquito nets) as the central theme. There is a fireplace, cupboards as well as 2 reading chairs. Each bedroom allows access to the outside Veranda as well as stunning views of the African Bush through the windows.

The bathrooms; offer a gorgeous bush feel with Bath (that can easily take two adults), his and her basins, as well as an indoor shower. The bathrooms, like the bedrooms, look out and have access to the Veranda and African Bush. There is an outdoor shower that I personally found absolutely awesome, the water pressure and the feeling of being in the Bush is something one simply has to enjoy.

The main Lodge Area: the main guest are offers a small library with guides on wildlife as well as interesting reads on South Africa. A indoor and outdoor dinning area, a large bar area as well as a lounging area (where one meets up prior to game drives). A massive fireplace is centrally located for those chilly winter evenings. As a whole, this is a rustic and relaxing area to be with fantastic staff waiting for your beer and wine orders.

Swimming pool: In our opinion the best area within the lodge, relaxing at the pool while elephants drink from it is something in itself to behold. The pool is clean but the water is murky, this is because of the elephants and not due to a lack of cleaning. The pool area is also perfect for bird-watching.

Game drives: this is where your stay starts to get really interesting. Madikwe Game Reserve offers the “Big five” which is the main reason that you are here. Game drive vehicles themselves are more than adequate when it comes to comforts and seating, the professional Safari guides and their trackers are very very good when it comes to wildlife. Generally speaking about halfway through your Safari you will have a stop for coffee and tea, or sunset drinks depending on whether this is a morning or afternoon game drive.

Finally; Impodimo Game Lodge is one of the few Madikwe Safari Lodges that is not fenced in, so  Africa’s wildlife is free to meander through the Lodge at any time. While we were there, African elephants, African wild dogs as well as numerous antelope species were on view pretty much all the time, not to mention a few Mozambique spitting Cobras.

If you’re looking for an unpretentious good quality Safari Lodge, look no further than Impodimo Game Lodge. Coming in at the perfect price, offering all the creature comforts as well as wildlife activities could easily be associated with a Lodge three times the price. One will certainly not be disappointed.

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