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Madikwe Bird List

For those interested in birding, Madikwe offers up a real treat in this department; 360 individual species have been recorded here from the large old Ostrich to incy wincy Finches and every conceivable size in between. Is the birdlife good in Madikwe? Oh yes! (and that is from "James" who loves his birds).

Birds species here differ quite a bit from other areas of South Africa as the Madikwe Game Reserve sits on the edge of the kalahari basin and birdlife is more consistant with what one would find in the more arid areas of Southern Africa.

For those with keen interests in ornithology, we can tailor-make a safari with a private guide who specialises in this area.

Click here to see our own small Madikwe Birdlife Photo Gallery.

- Ostrich
- Secretarybird
- Martial Eagle
- Blackbreasted Snake Eagle
- Bateleur
- African Finfoot
- Kori Bustard
- Temminck's Courser
- Namaqua Sandgrouse
- Yellowthroated Sandgrouse
- Carmine Bee-eater
- Lilacbreasted Roller
- Purple Roller
- Greater Honeyguide
- Pied Babbler
- Groundscraper Thrush
- Marico Flycatcher
- Crimson-breasted Shrike
- Plumcoloured Starling
- Violeteared Waxbill
- Shafttailed Whydah
- Lappetfaced Vulture
- Whitebacked Vulture
- Cape Vulture
- Brown Snake Eagle
- African Fish Eagle
- Steppe Buzzard
- Lizard Buzzard
- Ovambo Sparrowhawk
- Little Sparrowhawk
- Little Banded Goshawk
- Gabar Goshawk
- Pale Chanting Goshawk
- African Marsh Harrier
- Montagu’s Harrier
- Gymnogene
- Peregrine Falcon
- Western Redfooted Kestrel
- Rock Kestrel
- Greater Kestrel
- African Hawk Eagle
- Booted Eagle
- Wahlberg’s Eagle
- Steppe Eagle
- Tawny Eagle
- Black Eagle
- Blackshouldered Kite
- Barn Owl
- Marsh Owl
- Scops Owl
- Whitefaced Scops Owl
- Pearlspotted Owlet
- Spotted Eagle Owl
- Giant Eagle Owl
- Fierynecked Nightjar
- Rufouscheeked Nightjar
- African Black Swift
- Redbilled Hoopoe
- Greater Scimiter Hoepoe
- Grey Hornbill
- Redbilled Hornbill
- Crested Barbet
- Bennett’s Woodpecker
- Goldentailed Woodpecker
- Cardinal Woodpecker
- Southern Black Tit
- Capped Wheatear
- Familiar Chat
- Mocking Chat
- Yellowbllied Eremomela
- Desert Cisticola
Quick Enquiry
  • Jamala Madikwe

  • Jamala Madikwe
  • Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge is a firm favourite of ours, a small luxurious lodge that offers levels of service second to none. This is the ideal lodge for that romantic bush breakaway, the large private suites each with their own private plunge pool, out-door shower, large bath and superb views over the surrounding bush offer that feeling of unadulterate luxury.
  • Impodimo Game Lodge

  • Impodimo Game Lodge
  • Impodimo Game Lodge offers luxury at an affordable price, the lodges is located in the southern section of the park and is famed for its Wild Dog and Elephant sightings. Each one of the private suites offers indoor and outdoor showers, private verandahs and fantastically comfortable beds, all of this as well as incredible views out of the surrounding reserve.
  • Madikwe Safari Lodge

  • Madikwe Safari Lodge
  • The newly refurnished Madikwe Safari Lodge can now proudly rank up there with the best in South Africa. Located in the northern section of the reserve, safari lodge is completely child friendly even offering bush school and activities for the littles ones all the way through to child friendly meals and baby-sitting services. This lodges is also suited to larger groups of friends.
  • Jaci's Safari Lodge

  • Jaci's Safari Lodge
  • The legendary Jaci's Safari Lodge, one of the very first lodges to be built in the reserve is positioned deep in the bushveld of the reserve on the banks of a river. Jaci's is child friendly and offers a safari experience for the whole family with activities for all to boot, friendly service, fantastic food and experienced guides make this one of Madikwe's top lodges.
  • Mateya Safari Lodge

  • Mateya Safari Lodge
  • Mateya Safari Lodge with her 6 magnificently luxurious suites is in our opinion one of the most interesting lodges in South Africa. The artwork that is on display within the main lodge and the individual suites simply cannot be topped by any other lodge in the country. The suites are large with private pools and sala's, outdoor showers and marble bathrooms.