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Botswana Safari

Botswana is where you find some of the last wilderness destinations left in Africa; the Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert, Chobe National Park and the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi. The country continues to be mostly untouched and unspoilt and the place to find Africa's most diversified wildlife amongst the most spectacular vistas. You can explore one of nature’s great contrasts where the Kalahari Desert encounters the natural wonder of the Okavango.

The perfect time for most Botswana safaris is between the months of May and October with cooler daily temperatures and the Okavango in flood. Although over the past few years the summer months (November to April) have become extremely popular for those seeking an escape from the cold of the Northern hemisphere.

Thousands of elephants, in volumes unique throughout the African continent, can easily be viewed around the banks of the Chobe River located in the Northern Chobe National Park, which possesses probably the most abundant wildlife in Southern Africa. In the unspoilt national parks and reserves of Botswana, you can return to a previous age where man has made no impact on scenery or the daily rhythm of the natural world.

Our expert consultants will guide you as to the choice of safaris in Botswana that are best suited to you on a bespoke itinerary.

Welcome To Our Safaris In Botswana Portfolio

Botswana Camping Safaris

Botswana Camping Safaris
From US$ 1677.00 to 6450.00 pp
Durations: 7 to 15 Days
Camping safaris provide you with comfortable tents with en-suite bathrooms and raised bedding at remote camp grounds within the game rich environments of the countries Reserves and Parks, presenting a close up and personal experience of wildlife and nature grouped together.

Botswana Fly In Safaris

Botswana Fly In Safaris
From US$ 3195.00 to 9360.00 pp
Durations: 6 to 15 Days
Fly in safaris are primarily tailor-made due to the large variety of options available to you. Accommodation is in secluded luxury lodges or camps. Game viewing is by open vehicles, mokoros or by foot. Time on your holiday is maximized by the use of light aircraft.

Botswana Family Safaris

Botswana Family Safaris
From US$ 1685.00 pp
Durations: 4 to 15 Days
With our family safaris within Botswana; we have carefully selected destinations, hotels and lodges which offer a family experience of discovery that will be remembered for a lifetime. Family safaris are safe, fun and rewarding and which truly enable parents to bond with their children.

Botswana Budget Safaris

Botswana Budget Safaris
From US$ 1677.00 to 3195.00 pp
Durations: 6 to 15 Days
Here we offer a selection of safaris for the more budget orientated travellers to Botswana. These offerings include camping and lodge based travel as well as safaris that offer that much more for so much less. Botswana does not need to cost you a arm and a leg, trust us on this.

Botswana Honeymoon Safaris

Botswana Honeymoon Safaris
From US$ 3195.00 to 9360.00 pp
Durations: 7 to 11 Days
A honeymoon in the Botswana bush, what could be better? Experience the Okavango, Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve in small, sensual and intimate lodges. The destination is untouched and unspoilt, home to Africa's most diverse wildlife and exotic scenery.

Okavango Delta Safaris

Okavango Delta Safaris
From US$ 1677.00 to 7500.00 pp
Durations: 4 to 12 Days
A magical world of water ways and Africa's wildlife is why the Okavango is rated so highly in the safari world, explore Africa's largest and most beautiful inland Delta. This is the most visited and photographed destination and for good reason, a gem of a safari waits for all.

Our Most Popular Safaris

Authentic Safari

Authentic Safari
From US$ 2900.00 pp
Duration: 9 Days
9 Days of camping in Botswana's world famous wildlife reserves including the Okavango, Khwai and Moremi Wildlife Reserves as well as the Savute area within the Chobe and finishing in the mighty Victoria Falls region.
Visiting: Moremi, Savute, Chobe and Victoria Falls

Desert, Delta & Sunsets

Desert, Delta & Sunsets
From US$ 3195.00 pp
Duration: 7 Days
A 7 day Botswana fly-in safari that takes in the Okavango Delta, Moremi Reserve & the Kalahari Desert whilst offering diverse scenery & ecosystems as well as fantastic wildlife & birdlife sights, this is the perfect photographic tour for you.
Visiting: Moremi, Okavango and Kalahari Desert

Migration Routes

Migration Routes
From US$ 5940.00 pp
Duration: 10 Days
A 10 Day safari offering all the contrasts & extremes of the constantly shifting wildlife of Botswana from the clear waters of the Linyanti & Okavango to the wildlife of the Khwai & Chobe, all topped of with Victoria Falls.
Visiting: Okavango, Linyanti, Chobe and Victoria Falls

Botswana Summer Specials

  • - 12 Wilderness Safari lodges to choose from
  • - 3 Sanctuary Safari lodges to choose from
  • - All lodges are highly discounted
  • - Mix and match any combination
  • - Valid; 1st Nov. 2014 to 31st Mar. 2015
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    Botswana Mammal List

  • Botswana Mammal List
  • There has been to date 164 mammal species recorded in Botswana including Africa's "Big 5" (although spotting a rhino in the wild is very rare). Winter months are generally best to wildlife but on saying that in Summer large congregations of migrating animals gather in the Savute and Chobe regions. Wild Dog is a special treat when in the Moremi.

    Botswana Bird List

  • Botswana Bird List
  • Botswana offers up 597 species of birds, enough to keeps all twitters happy for years. The summer months are best for birding as this is when the migrant species arrive but in the same breathe the winter months are also exceptionally good. In a nutshell birding Botswana is good to excellent year round.

    When to visit Botswana

  • When to visit Botswana
  • When is the best time to visit Botswana, a question that is easy and difficult to answer all in the same breathe. Basically it all depends on you and your expectations, your interests, your budget and what you want to experience.

    Getting to Botswana

  • Getting to Botswana
  • Quite simply put the easiest and fastest way to get into Botswana is a connecting flight from Johannesburg International Airport (O.R Tambo), although there are also connecting flights from Cape Town and Windhoek (Namibia) available.

    Botswana Malaria

  • Kalahari Lodge Map
  • Malaria is found in all northern areas of Botswana except for the Southern Kalahari Desert, Visit your health care provider 4-6 weeks before foreign travel for any necessary vaccinations and a prescription for an antimalarial drug.