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Getting to Botswana
Getting to Botswana
We offer numerous routes in which one can access
Botswana from air & road shuttles to boating.

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Botswana Transfers

Getting in and around Botswana

Quite simply put the easiest and fastest way to get into Botswana is a connecting flight from Johannesburg International Airport (O.R Tambo), although there are also connecting flights from Cape Town and Windhoek (Namibia) available. As of yet there are no main international carriers that fly directly into Maun (Most safaris will start from here) from outside of Africa.

Once in Botswana getting to your lodge or destination is as easy as jumping on a air shuttle service or a road going safari vehicle, this is where the choice is really up to you bases on your wants, needs and budget..

Fly or be driven, with each one of these options comes a cost, private air charters being the most expensive whilst the most cost effective option would be a a guided road transfer. It is also worth noting that some of the more remote camps and lodges are only accessible via aircraft or boat.

Arriving in Botswana by Air

Maun Airport

There are few international flights do arrive in Gaborone (these are generally expensive options and you still have to connect to Maun) but by far and away the most popular are air links from either Johannesburg or Cape Town directly into Maun. We book these air links and include them in the cost of the safari itinerary.

Arriving in Botswana by Road

Botswana by Road

Not keen on flying or on a budget! There are numerous drive-in options that you participate in and why not. Scheduled tours and guided transfers are available from Johannesburg, Windhoek and Victoria Falls. We highly recommend that one does not drive at night.

Botswana Air Shuttles

Botswana Air Shuttles

Botswana Air Shuttle services from lodge to lodge are a very popular way of getting to and from most if not all the lodges that we offer on The price of these air shuttles will be included as part and parcel of your safari package when booking with us. Flying offers that something a little different.

Water Based Transfers

Water Based Transfers

Water Based Transfers between lodge and lodge or region and region mainly occur within the Okavango Delta's permanent water areas. Motorboats and/ or makoro transfers are quite often the only way to get to these remote areas as there are certainly no roads of any type.

Baggage Restrictions

Baggage Restrictions

The amount of luggage that one can take with on a Air Shuttle and/ or safari vehicle is limited to +- 20kg per person (including your hand luggage and camera equipment) dues to space constraints and all types of vehicles, we will advise of these amounts when booking your safari. This does not apply to commercial flights.

Botswana Distance Table

Botswana Distance Table

Maun - Gaborone = 923km
Maun - Kasane = 621km
Maun - Francistown = 495km
Maun - Nata = 305km
Maun - Martin's Drift = 796km

Maun Airport

Maun Airport

Maun International Airport is the main hub for all flights entering Botswana as a safari destination, the airport is located within the town itself. All safari departures into the Moremi and Okavango Delta leave from this airport.

Gaborone Airport

Gabarone Airport

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport is located just 10 kilometres north of Gaborone, offering daily one hour flights from Johannesburg and three weekly two hour flights from Harare. This is the least used of all Botswana airport when it comes to tourism.

Kasane Airport

Kasane Airport

Kasane International Airport is located around 4 kilometres south of the town of Kasane and lies just a few kilometres away from the Chobe National Park. Flying safari itineraries from the Okavango Delta ending in either Chobe or Victoria Falls will make use of this airport.

Botswana Summer Specials

  • - 12 Wilderness Safari lodges to choose from
  • - 3 Sanctuary Safari lodges to choose from
  • - All lodges are highly discounted
  • - Mix and match any combination
  • - Valid; 1st Nov. 2014 to 31st Mar. 2015
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    Botswana Mammal List

  • Botswana Mammal List
  • There has been to date 164 mammal species recorded in Botswana including Africa's "Big 5" (although spotting a rhino in the wild is very rare). Winter months are generally best to wildlife but on saying that in Summer large congregations of migrating animals gather in the Savute and Chobe regions. Wild Dog is a special treat when in the Moremi.

    Botswana Bird List

  • Botswana Bird List
  • Botswana offers up 597 species of birds, enough to keeps all twitters happy for years. The summer months are best for birding as this is when the migrant species arrive but in the same breathe the winter months are also exceptionally good. In a nutshell birding Botswana is good to excellent year round.

    When to visit Botswana

  • When to visit Botswana
  • When is the best time to visit Botswana, a question that is easy and difficult to answer all in the same breathe. Basically it all depends on you and your expectations, your interests, your budget and what you want to experience.

    Getting to Botswana

  • Getting to Botswana
  • Quite simply put the easiest and fastest way to get into Botswana is a connecting flight from Johannesburg International Airport (O.R Tambo), although there are also connecting flights from Cape Town and Windhoek (Namibia) available.

    Botswana Malaria

  • Kalahari Lodge Map
  • Malaria is found in all northern areas of Botswana except for the Southern Kalahari Desert, Visit your health care provider 4-6 weeks before foreign travel for any necessary vaccinations and a prescription for an antimalarial drug.