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Ceres Zipline Adventure

Ceres Zipline Adventure

Sometimes one just needs a bit of excitement and adventure in ones life; well the 1.4 km long Zipline in Ceres has you and your family covered on this one. This is the perfect start to ones day, get all that adrenalin flowing before you head off on a wine tasting excursion or ten.

There are 8 slides in total ranging from 100m all the way through to 290m in length. The time frame that one needs is in the region of say 90 minutes to be on the safe side.

All the anchors look really secure and the cables themselves are in pristine condition, other safety aspects include harness and a patented zip line braking system. Children over the age of 3 (that is not a typo) are welcome but children under 7 have to go tandem with a parent or guide.

NOTE: if you weight in at 120 kgs or more we are afraid this is not for you as well as those who suffer from Acrophobia.

The Ceres Zipline is only 30 odd kilometres from Tulbagh and it is an activity that we would highly recommend doing (after all we did it).

All photographs have been taken by us here at with the sole purpose of showcasing Zipline Adventures in Ceres and area from our point of view.

Ceres Zipline Photo Gallery