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Botswana Bird List
Botswana Bird List

Botswana Bird List

Great Crested Grebe
Black-Necked Grebe
White Pelican
Pinkback Pelican
White-breasted Cormorant
Reed Cormorant
Grey Heron
Black-headed Heron
Goliath Heron
Purple Heron
Great White Egret
Little Egret
Yellow Billed Egret
Black Egret
Slaty Egret
Cattle Egret
Squacco Heron
Green-backed Heron
Rufous bellied Heron
Black-crowned Night Heron
White-backed Night Heron
Little Bittern
Dwarf Bittern
White Stork
Black Stork
Abdim's Stork
Woolly-necked Stork
Openbill Stork
Saddlebill Stork
Marabou Stork
Yellow-billed Stork
Sacred Ibis
Glossy Ibis
Hadeda Ibis
African Spoonbill
Greater Flamingo
Lesser Flamingo
White-faced Duck
Fulvous Duck
White-backed Duck
Egyption Goose
South African Shelduck
Yellow-billed Duck
African Black Duck
Cape Teal
Hottentot Teal
Red-billed Teal
Cape Shoveller
Southern Pochard
Pygmy Goose
Knob-billed Duck
Spurwinged Goose
Maccoa Duck
Secretary Bird
Egyption Vulture
Hooded Vulture
Cape Vulture
White-backed Vulture
Lappet-faced Vulture
White-headed Vulture
Black Kite
Yellow Billed Kite
Black Shouldered Kite
Cuckoo Hawk
Bat Hawk
Honey Buzzard
Levaillant's Cistocola
Croaking Cisticola
Lazy Cisticola
Tawny-flanked Prinia
Black-chested Prinia
Rufous-eared Warbler
Spotted Flycatcher
Bluegrey Flycatcher
Fantailed Flycatcher
Black Flycatcher
Marico Flycatcher
Pallid Flycatcher
Chat Flycatcher
Fiscal Flycatcher
Cape Batis
Chinspot Batis
Prirt Batis
Fairy Flycatcher
Paradise Flycatcher
African Pied Wagtail
Cape Wagtail
Yellow Wagtail
Grey Wagtail
Mountain Pipit
Grassveld (Richard's) Pipit
Long-billed Pipit
Plain-backed Pipit
Wood Pipit
Buffy Pipit
Striped Pipit
Tree Pipit
Bushveld Pipit
Orange-throated Lonclaw
Pink-throated Longclaw
Lessar Grey Shrike
Fiscal Shrike
Red-back Shrike
Sous's Shrike
Long-tailed Shrike
Southern Boubou
Tropical Boubou
Swamp Boubou
Crimson-brested Boubou
Three-streaked Tchagra
Black-crowned Tchagra
Orange-breasted Bushshrike
Grey-headed Bush Shrike
White Helmet Shrike
Red-billed Helmet Shrike
White-crowned Shrike
European Starling
Wattled Starling
Plum-coloured Starling
Burchells's Starling
Long-tailed Starling
Glossy Starling
Greater Blue-Ear Starling
Lesser Blue-Ear Starling
Sharp-tailed Starling
Red-wing Starling
Pale-winged Starling
Yellow-billed Oxpecker
Red-billed Oxpecker
Coppery Sunbird
Marico Sunbird
Purple Banded Sunbird
White-bellied Sunbird
Dusky Sunbird
Scarlet-cheasted Sunbird
Black Eagle
Tawney Eagle
Steppe Eagle
Lesser Spotted Eagle
Wahlberg's Eagle
Booted Eagle
African Hawk Eagle
Ayre's Eagle
Long-creasted Eagle
Martial Eagle
Crowned Eagle
Brown SnakeEagle
Black Breasted Snake Eagle
Western Bnded Snake Eagle
Palm Nut Vulture
African Fish Eagle
Steppe Buzzard
Jackal Buzzard
Lizard Buzzard
Ovambo Sparrowhawk
Little Sparrowhawk
Black Sparrowhawk
Little Banded Goshawk
African Goshawk
Gabar Goshawk
Pale Chanting Goshawk
Dark Chanting Goshawk
European Marsh Harrier
African Marsh Harrier
Montagu's Harrier
Pallid Harrier
Black Harrier
Peregrine Falcon
Lanner Falcon
Hobby Falcon
African Hobby Falcon
Sooty Falcon
Red-necked Falcon
Western Redfooted Falcon
Eastern Redfooted Falcon
Rock Kestrel
Greater Kestrel
Lesser Kestrel
Dickinson's Kestrel
Pygmy Falcon
Coqui Francolin
Crested Francolin
Orange River Francolin
Red-billed Francolin
Natal Francolin
Swainson's Francolin
Common Quail
Harlequin Quail
Helmeted Guineafowl
Blue Quail
Kurrichane Buttonquail
Wattled Crane
Blue Crane
Crowned Crane
African Rail
African Crake
Black Crake
Spotted Crake
Baillon's Crake
Striped Crake
Red-chested Flufftail
Buff-spotted Flufftail
Purple Gallinule
Lesser Gallinule
Black Sunbird
Collard Sunbird
Cape White-eye
Yellow White-eye
Red-billed Buffolo Weaver
White-browed Sparrow Weaver
Sociable Weaver
House Sparrow
Great Sparrow
Cape Sparrow
Grey-headed Sparrow
Yellow-throated sparrow
Scaly-feathered Finch
Thick-billed Weaver
Spectacled Weaver
Spotted-backed Weaver
Chestnut Weaver
Masked Weaver
Lesser masked Weaver
Golden Weaver
Brown Throated Weaver
Red-headed Weaver
Cuckoo Finch
Red-billed Queala
Red-headed Queala
Red Bishop
Golden Bishop
Red Shouldered Widow
White-winged Widow
Red-collared Widow
Long-tailed Widow
Golden Backed Pytilia
Melba Finch
Jameson's Firefinch
Red-billed Firefinch
Brown Firefinch
Blue Waxbill
Violet-eared Waxbill
Common Waxbill
Black-cheeked Waxbill
Quail Finch
Locust Finch
Orange Breasted Waxbill
Cutthroat Fimch
Red-headed Finch
Bronze Mannikin
Pied Mannikn
Pin-tailed Whydah
Shaft-tailed Whydah
Paradise Whydah
Broad-tailed Paradise Whydah
Black Widow Finch
Purple Widow Finch
Steel-blue Widow Finch
Yellow-eye Canary
Black-throated Canary
Black-headed Canary
Yellow Canary
Streaky-headed Canary
Black-eared Canary
Golden-breasted bunting
Cape Bunting
Rock Bunting
Larklike Bunting
Lesser Moorhen
Red-knobbed Coot
African Finfoot
Kori Bustard
Stanley's Bustard
Ludwig's Bustard
White-bellied Korhaan
Red-crested Korhaan
Black-bellied Korhaan
Black Korhaan
African Jacana
Lesser Jacana
Painted Snipe
Ringed Plover
White Fronted Plover
Chestnut Banded Plover
Kittlitz's Plover
Three-banded Plover
Caspian Plover
Grey Plover
Crowned Plover
Blacksmith Plover
White-crowned Plover
Wattled Plover
Longtoed Plover
Terek Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Green Sandpiper
Wood Sandpiper
Spotted Redshank
Marsh Sandpiper
Curlew Sandpiper
Little Stint
Pectoral Sandpiper
Temminck's Stint
Great Snipe
Ethiopian Snipe
Black-tailed Godwit
Bar-tailed Godwit
Grey Phalarope
Black-winged Stilt
Spotted Dikkop
Water Dikkop
Burchell's Courser
Temminck's Courser
Double-banded Courser
Three-banded Courser
Bronze-winged Courser
Red-winged Pratincole
Black-winged Pratincole
Rock Pratincole
Long-tailed Skua
Lesser Blackbacked Gull
Grey-headed Gull
Black-headed Gull
Gull-billed Tern
Caspian Tern
Whiskered Tern
White-winged Tern
African Skimmer
Namaqua Sandgrouse
Burchell's Sandgrouse
Yellow-throated Sandgrouse
Double-banded Sandgrouse
Feral Pigeon
Rock Pigoen
Red-eyed Dove
Mourning Dove
Cape Turtle Dove
Laughing Dove
Namaqua Dove
Green-spotted Dove
Green Pigeon
Cape Parrot
Meyer's Parrot
Livingstone's Lourie
Knysna Lourie
Ross's Lourie
Grey Lourie
European Couckoo
African Cuckoo
Red-chested Cuckoo
Black Cuckoo
Great Spotted Cuckoo
Striped Cuckoo
Jacobin Cuckoo
Thick-billed Cuckoo
Emerald Cuckoo
Klaas's Cuckoo
Diederik Cuckoo
Black Cuckoo
Coppery-tailed Coucal
Senegal Coucal
Burchell's Cuckall
White-browed Coucal
Barn Owl
Grass Owl
Wood Owl
Marsh Owl
Scops Owl
White-faced Owl
Pearl-spotted Owl
Barred Owl
Spotted Eagle Owl
Giant Eagle Owl
Pel's Fishing Owl
European Nightjar
Fiery-necked Nightjar
Rufous-cheecked Nightjar
Natal nightjar
Freckled Nightjar
Mozambique Nightjar
Pennant-winged Nightjar
European Swift
Black Swift
White-rumped Swift
Horus Swift
Little Swift
Alpine Swift
Palm Swift
Bohm's Spintail
Speckled Mousebird
White-backed mousebird
Red-faced mousebird
Narina Trogan
Pied Kingfisher
Giant Kingfisher
Half-collared Kingfisher
Malachite Kingfisher
Pygmy Kingfisher
Woodland Kingfisher
Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Grey-hooded Kingfisher
Striped Kingfisher
European Bee-eater
Olive Bee-eater
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
Carmine Bee-eater
White-fronted Bee-eater
Little Bee-eater
Swallow-tailed Beeater
European Roller
Liliac-breasted Roller
Racket-tailed Roller
Purple Roller
Broad-billed Roller
Red-billed Woodhoopoe
Scimetre-billed Woodhoopoe
Trumpeter Hornbill
Grey Hornbill
Red-billed Hornbill
Yellow-billed Hornbill
Bradfields Hornbil
Ground Hornbill
Black-collared Barbet
Pied Barbet
Yellow-fronted Tinker Barbet
Crested Barbet
Greater Honeyguide
Lesser Honeyguide
Sharp-billed Honeyguide
Slender-billed Honeyguide
Bennett's Woodpecker
Golden-tailed Woodpecker
Cardinal Woodpecker
Bearded Woodpecker
African Broadbill
Melodious Lark
Motonous Lark
Rufus-naped Lark
Clapper Lark
Flappet Lark
Fawn-couloured Lark
Sabota Lark
Short-clawed Lark
Dusky Lark
Spiked-heeled Lark
Red-capped Lark
Pink-billed Lark
Starks Lark
Chestnut-backed lark
Grey-backed finch Lark
Black-eared Lark
European Swallow
White-throated Swallow
Wire-tailed Swallow
Pearl-breasted Swallow
Redbreasted Swallow
Mosque Swallow
Greater Stripped Swallow
Lesser Stripped Swallow
South African Cliff Swallow
Rock Martin
House Martin
Greyrumped Swallow
Sand Martin
Brown Throated Martin
Banded Martin
Blacksawwing swallow
Black Cuckooshrike
Whitebreasted Couckooshrike
Forktailed Drongo
European Golden Oriole
Africn Golden Oriole
Black Headed Oriole
Black Crow
Pied Crow
Ashy Tit
Southern Black Tit
Rufous-bellied Tit
Cape Penduline Tit
Grey Penduline Tit
Spotted Creeper
Arrow-marked Babbler
Black-faced babbler
White-rumped babbler
Pied Babbler
Red-eyed Bulbul
Black-eyed Bulbul
Terrestrial Bulbul
Yellow-bellied Bulbul
Kurrichan Thrush
Olive Thrush
Ground-scraper Thrush
Short-toed Rock Thrush
Miombo Rock Thrush
Mountain Chat
Capped Wheatear
Familiar Chat
Sickle-winged Chat
Mocking Chat
Arnots Chat
Anteating Chat
Heuglin's Robin
Natal Robin
Cape Robin
White-throated Robin
Collared Palm Thrush
Thrush Nightingale
Boulder Chat
White-browed Robin
Kalahari Robin
Bearded Robin
Garden Warbler
White-throated Robin
Icterine Warbler
Olivetree Warbler
River Warbler
Great Reed Warbler
Basra Reed Warbler
European Reed Warbler
African Marsh Warbler
European Marsh Warbler
European Sedge Warbler
Cape Reed Warbler
Greater Swamp Warbler
Yellow Warbler
African Sedge Warbler
Willow Warbler
Bar-throated Aplis
Yellow-breasted Aplis
Long-billed Crombec
Yellow-bellied Eremomela
Green-capped Eremomela
Burnt-necked Eremomela
Bleating Warbler
Barred Warbler
Stierling's Barred Warbler
Fan-tailed Cisticola
Desert Cisticola
Pale-crowned Cisticola
Tinkling Cisticola
Rattling Cisticola
Red-face cisticola
Black-backed Cisticola
Chirping Cisticola

Botswana Summer Specials

  • - 12 Wilderness Safari lodges to choose from
  • - 3 Sanctuary Safari lodges to choose from
  • - All lodges are highly discounted
  • - Mix and match any combination
  • - Valid; 1st Nov. 2015 to 31st Mar. 2016
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  • Botswana Bird Pictures

  • Botswana Bird Pictures
  • With a total 593 species of birds for one to photograph. Try as we might we have never come even close to that number but here you can see the ones that we did somehow manage to capture. Botswana is phenomenal for birding, especially in the summer months.
  • Botswana Bird Pictures
  • Botswana Wildlife Pictures

  • Botswana Wildlife Pictures
  • Images of general wildlife in Botswana's famous reserves all photographed by us at Wildlife that you can expect to see when on safari and traveling through the country. With 162 mammal species, the country ranks with the best in Africa.
  • Botswana Wildlife Pictures
  • Botswana Aerial Pictures

  • Botswana Aerial Pictures
  • Scenic vistas of the Okavango Delta and Central Kalahari all taken from either inside or standing next to a light aircraft. It is only up high that one get to realize just how vast a country Botswana is, spotting herds of wildlife below is possible.
  • Botswana Aerial Pictures
  • Chobe River Pictures

  • Chobe River Pictures
  • In the north of the country one comes across the unique safari destination that is the Chobe River. It is here that one get a chance to view wildlife, birdlife. crocodiles and sunsets all from the comfort of a safari boat.
  • Chobe River Pictures
  • Botswana Scenery Pictures

  • Botswana Scenery Pictures
  • Scenic images of Botswana from the Okavango Delta to Moremi to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve all taken by us here at over the past few decades. Botswana is all about water, desert, sunrise and sunset and wildlife.
  • Botswana Scenery Pictures