Goodness, at last finished with updating Zambia. We have added the following Zambia Safari holidays especially for those clients of ours that have noted that there is more to Zambia than Luangwa and Victoria Falls. So here goes with the new and improved Zambia:

Zambia Accommodation: we have divided Zambia into destinations.

Victoria  Falls Accommodation: We feature lodges on both sides of the Zambezi River.
Kafue Accommodation: The second largest national park in the world.
Lower Zambezi Accommodation: Personally my all time fav. wildlife destination in the whole of Africa – just wild, wild, and wild – love it.

Luangwa Accommodation: Accommodation inside and outside of the North and South Luangwa National Parks.
Lochinvar Accommodation: This little known National Park is well worth the visit, it is one of those why not while I am here destinations.
Lusaka Accommodation: As we do try to make Lusaka sound good – it is still Lusaka and nothing can change that + the airport is in town and if you have to overnight this is the place.

Zambia Safaris: Here we have a few different itineraries, but truth be told Zambia is really a tailor-made destination. So have a look, contact one of our consultant and design that safari based on what you are looking for.

On a similar note, this is on my “before I die” list: Kasanka National Park and those several million fruit bats – would I give up my left toe to see that.

Anyways, I am going – enjoy the above links on Zambia

James Bester

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