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Here on this page we offer you a chance to view our posts that have unique video postings. The idea of this page is not only to feature the video’s from the Youtube collection but also from other sources.

We will be offering video’s of Africa from reviews to wildlife to birdlife to music to culture to politics, in a nutshell we will be adding videos that cover Africa as a whole.

Fair trade in tourism, Africa

In this video, we interview Lisa Scriven. This Canadian native was the Certification Manager for Fair Trade In Tourism, the NGO which acts as a regulator and incubator for sustainable tourism practises in South Africa (and Africa as a whole).

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Jamala Madikwe Video

Jamala Madikwe Royal Safari Lodge is a perfect example of what a well run safari lodge should be like. Intimate,owner run and managed, excellent personal service and attention to detail and meals which compare favorably to most 5 star restaurants! From the main verandah you can view game which overlooks one of the best waterholes in South Africa. Look at the video and savour the experience.

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Everything you ever needed to know about Malaria

In this video interview, we speak with Dr Peter Vincent, head of the Travel Clinic at the Tokai Medicross Hospital in Tokai, Cape Town. He answers all the commonly asked questions by visitors to  malaria affected regions of Africa. What he adds in the interview and which we reiterate here is that you should seek advice and consultation from your local doctor when you travel to malaria areas and never forget to tell your doctor when you return from Africa and feel unwell, that you have traveled in such an area.

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Andrew Rattray Fugitives Drift

In this video interview, we speak with Andrew Rattray, general manager of Fugitives Drift Lodge and son of renowned tourism and social entrepreneur, David Rattray. We ask Andrew about the past but importantly about the future of the lodge, the David Rattray Foundation and this beautiful part of Zululand which his father did so much to put on the world map

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Surfing in Cape Town with Peter Wright

In this video interview, I speak with Peter Wright, owner of the Corner Surf Shop in Muizenberg, the oldest in Cape Town and possibly the whole of Africa. As a pioneer of the modern surfing industry, Peter reminisces and discusses the changes in his lifetime.

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Uganda the Pearl of Africa

There are certain magical names in Africa, names which conjure up images of mystery, of exotic fauna and flora and even of a certain danger. I had the pleasure of visiting one of these places last year; the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the south west corner of Uganda, home to troupes of mountain gorillas. After a bone jarring ten hour drive from Kampala punctuated by traversing villages with the locals shouting “mzungu, mzungu” (white man, white man,) you reach the elegant Clouds Mountain Lodge, a 1930s inspired hill station building with commanding views of both the Bwindi forest and the Parc des Volcans in Rwanda.

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Grande Roche in Paarl

Good afternoon all, Just a quick update on what the Uyaphi Team got up to this weekend. Just a short hop, skip and a jump (+- 45 minutes drive) from Cape Town we found ourselves at the famous “Grande Roche in Paarl“.

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