The Victoria Falls is not only celebrated as one of the worlds most beautiful sights but it also known as the adventure capital of Africa. With Victoria Falls being on most safari itineraries it is good to know what to do and see when in town, whether you are staying on the Zambian or on the Zimbabwean side of the Falls.

There are a numerous variety of activities in and around Victoria Falls, depending on your level of adventure and adrenalin desire. For the young and young at heart, activities like white water river rafting, bungee jumping and river boarding are available. For those who want their adventure more restrained  there are sunset cruises, canoeing safaris and helicopter rides. In a nutshell, there is something for everybody.

  • Helicopter sightseeing tours-Probably one of the more expensive activities in the Victoria Falls area, the panoramic views you will enjoy of the Falls and of the Zambezi itself will justify the cost.
  • White Water Rafting-You simply have to do it! There are various options available depending on your fitness level and time available with half day and full day options.
  • River Boarding-This option is purely for the adventurous and for those who are relatively fit, a tiring but exhilarating day’s activity.
  • Kayaking-Mostly for those with a reasonable fitness level, there are various possibilities for beginners as well as experts. Once again, exhilaration is guaranteed learning to surf on the Zambezi waves!
  • Jet Boats- Pioneered in New Zealand, this is for anyone who is looking for a fast, furious and thrilling activity. Not for the fainthearted but loads and loads of fun. 
  • Bungee Jumping- Most probably the adventure activity that Victoria Falls is most closely associated with. Throwing yourself off a bridge into the abyss of no man’s land is not for the fainthearted but is designed for those who want to push themselves to their absolute limits. If you are not keen on throwing yourself off a bridge you can always go down and watch.

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