Part of the reason why we are in this business is that we all love to travel, particularly in Africa. It seems obvious but there are many companies and people who are not passionate about who they work for and why they work. This is not the Uyaphi way and we think our catalogue of pictures on Flickr exemplifies why we simply love what we do.

Taken by members of our team over various years and in different countries, you will get to glimpse and briefly taste African exploration at its best. Not necessarily  luxurious all the time but certainly  interesting, all the time.

In the first page, you can see game from the Big 5 Timbavati area bordering the Kruger National Park; an urban hotel in the seaside resort of Kynsna on the Cape Garden Route; many pictures from a fascinating excursion in Ethiopia , including the monastic islands of lake Tana and the mythical Lalibela and showing the iconic St Georges Church built into the granite mountain; aspects of the area of Rorke’s Drift and the famous Fugitive’s Drift Lodge showcasing the history and the fauna of this area of Zululand; a throwback in time travelling on the steam train and Pullman carriages of Rovos Rail from Cape Town to Pretoria;aspects of the Masai Mara from the Hemingway inspired Cottars Camp to an inspiring balloon safari over the Mara;various aspects of Malawi from travelling on dhows and bicycles to retreats on the lake; the best of Uganda from  rafting white water on the White Nile near Jinja to trekking for gorillas in the Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest; and finally showing aspects of the water world of the Okavango Delta, giving life and sustenance to an otherwise semi desert environment.

The team took pleasure in taking these pictures and we hope, as you look at them, that you too will be inspired by our magnificent continent.

Uyaphi on Flickr by Nicolas Edwards

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