New on is our Travel in Ethiopia portfolio featuring safaris and tours to this somewhat new African safari destination, we are indeed very excited about Ethiopia and all that she has to offer. Think of Ethiopia as a more cultural safari destination than what one is used to in Africa.

Currently we are offering 8 different safari options ranging from a 2 day tours to a 14 days safari as well as different types of safaris amongst these from camping to basic accommodation to luxury accommodation options (remember luxury in Ethiopia is far from international standards). All the safari options we offer can be tailor-made to our every wish.

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Some of the absolute highlights of Ethiopia include the following;

  • The Religious sites of;
    • The obelisks and stele of Axum (the last resting place of the Ark of the Covenant).
    • The churches and coptic monasteries in the Tigre.
    • The Lake Tana isles.
    • And of course the World famous Lalibela and her monolithic churches.
  • National Parks;
    • Simien Mountains National Park home to the Ethiopian wolf, gelada baboon, walia ibex and Mount Ras Dashen (the 4th highest peak in Africa).
    • Bale Mountains National Park also home to the Ethiopian wolf as well as some of the rarest bird and wildlife species on the planet, it is here that the highest road in Africa can be found.
    • Nech Sar National Park found between 2 rift valley lakes is home to Burchell’s zebra, Grant’s gazelle and the endemic Swayne’s hartebeest, very very high populations of Nile Crocodiles and Nile Perch can be found in the surrounding lakes.
  • The Afar Region;
    • Dallol is by far the hottest and lowest point on Earth (120 meters below sea level).
    • The active Erte-ale Volcano is +- 100km from Dallol.
    • Afar Depression is famed for salt mining.

As one can see from the above list there is really so much to see, do and experience in this country. To be honest a 2 day safari will never do the country justice.

So to end off here is a few photographs of Ethiopia by the team here at, enjoy 🙂


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