Hello all, 2 week ago we went to Sutherland, something that we booked in December (yip 8 months ago).What luck – snow in Sutherland – this is not why we booked, we just wanted to be cold, Sutherland IS the coldest town in South Africa, and cold is what we got with an added bonus of snow.

While driving up on the Friday we got the reports that the pass had been closed and we would be stopped by police and told to go back. Over my dead body would this have happened, Sutherland is 4 hours @ 120+ km/h – that would mean 8 hours of driving to get no where – NOT.

Anyways once we go to the pass, there was snow, snow and more (wait for it) SNOW – cool banananananananas. This was a bit hair raising as us South Africans have no clue on how to drive in snow.

To cut a very long story short, it was very cold and it did not stop snowing the whole weekend. I do not think I have ever been that cold, thank God for electric blankets!



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