Most clients book their holiday and travel arrangements and in 95% of the time, they have no problems and return home satisfied. The problem remains in the 5%. Accidents, personal injury, theft of belongings, bankruptcy of tour operator or agent; these are all realities. When you are travelling far away or even in a different continent, these problems can become catastrophic and extremely expensive.

If you scroll down to the bottom of our home page, you will see accreditation: SATSA. SATSA stands for the Southern Africa Tourism Services association. It is the effective trade body for agents, operators, hotel and lodge owners as well as any company whose primary business is the facilitation of tourism services in South Africa and neighbouring territories. Not anyone can join SATSA. You have to jump though a few hoops. You have to:

  • SATSA Bonded
  • Be legally registered as a company
  • Be registered for tax
  • Own your trade name
  • State that your business complies with statutory requirements
  • Be insured sufficiently to meet the requirements for your category
  • Be financially compliant with an auditor’s letter
  • Have satisfactory Bank Report
  • Agree to abide by SATSA Code of Conduct

In return for all this, and after a probation period, the company will be given the coveted SATSA membership. So already, the client will know that he is dealing with an accredited and credible agent or operator. Furthermore, SATSA offers a bonding scheme. The bonding scheme applies when a member is put into involuntary liquidation ie he is made bankrupt. If you are a client of such a member and have paid in part or in full your travel arrangements and have not yet taken up any of the services, you will be able to claim with SATSA up to ZAR 150,000. This amount will be divided by the total number of claimants. This is in no way designed to replace your personal travel insurance but adds a further benefit and comfort to a client who finds himself inconvenienced in such a way.
So there you have it. Nothing is secure in the world but you know that when you deal with Uyaphi, you have a certain guarantee that we are a credible firm, that we have jumped through the hoops since 1999 and that we continue to maintain a high level of client service; something we take very seriously indeed.

Satsa bonded, what does it mean!

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