Elephants can live for 50 years, so when Doug and Sandi Groves adopted Jabu, Thembi and later Morula, rescuing them from culling operations that had left them orphans, they knew they were making a life-long commitment to the trio. Doug and Sandi Groves had strived to find ways in which their adopted elephants can act as ambassadors to their wild counterparts.

In 1999, the Living With Elephants Foundation (LWE) was launched as an organisation that could help the Groves and their trio fulfil their elephant sized dreams. Living With Elephants ( LWE) is dedicated to relieving conflict and competition between the African Elephant and human populations in Botswana. Sanctuary Lodges & Camps is proud to be a partner of this important endeavour.

You are invited to discover the elephants, from the bristled ends of their long tails to the tips of their powerful yet sensitive trunks. Marvel at their big ears, thoughtful eyes and enormous padded feet. Trace the textures of their skin and the silken polish of their ivory. Explore the astonishing bonds of kinship formed over more than a decade between the elephants and their guardians in a wilderness of mesmerising beauty. A delicate blink of Morula’s long lashes reveals her sensitive yet powerful personality. Jabu takes you , trunk in hand, with his bold and generous nature and together you slowly uncover the age-old secrets of the African elephants and the mysteries of the surrounding wilderness. Thembi, cute, boisterous and impossible to ignore, infatuates you and transforms your understanding of elephants to a deeper and more personal level

Come and join them on this unique and educational expererience that will leave you in awe of these gentle giants.

If you’re keen to go on an safari in Botswana

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