We moved in to our fantastic new offices on the 1st of March in front of the Victorian era Muizenberg railway station. The building was an old English/Dutch blockhouse of the late 1700’s and so must rank up there as one of the oldest buildings in the country. Muizenberg has come a long way to restoring its image as a must go to seaside resort. Since the late 1990’s, when the area was infested with slum landlords, drugs and prostitution, over 90% of the town has been cleaned up, villains evicted and buildings restored.

What has emerged is a rare gem of a seaside resort, oozing character with its classic Edwardian/Victorian architecture coupled with a relaxed slightly bohemian atmosphere at its village core with a more hip surf culture on its beach front. You’ve got to remember, this is not Camp’s Bay, you can actually swim in these warmer waters and surf of course. In any case, this is an area which suits the Uyaphi style and in that spirit, we want to support and promote this town.

Hence our sponsorship of the beach soccer tournament at the inaugural Muizenberg Community Festival, on Saturday morning. Three teams slid on the sand and played ball for the Uyaphi.Com Trophy on the main beach by the famous coloured beach huts of Muizenberg. The Uyaphi team was out in force to cheer on the teams and generally enjoy the vibe and good spirit of the day. As you can see from the photos, it was one of those perfect days; the sun was shining, no wind, the camera framing a picture of coloured beach huts, the blue waters of False Bay with the Hottentot Holland mountains behind. The trophy was won appropriately by the Muizenberg team. The competition was enjoyed so much by players and spectators alike that the organizers hope to establish a weekly league and, we at Uyaphi, will certainly be supporting those efforts.

So thats how it goes in South Africa, private enterprise giving a helping hand to the local community and all of us, enjoying the benefits.
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