In memoriam Honey; Honey was famous for jumping into vehicles to obtain a better view of her idyllic world – the Masai Mara Game Reserve. This special cheetah was killed on the 17th of February 2007 in full view of her three remaining cubs – a tragedy which is felt by many around the world.

In May 2006 Honey gave birth to five cheetah cubs on the plains in front of Kichwa Tembo. She remained in this area for many months giving hundreds of guests a small insight into the pleasures of her world. Unfortunately two of the cubs were killed by other predators.

She also provided many guests with some spectacular sightings of kills that she made to feed herself and her little cubs. The cubs had started to hunt with their mother but are still very inexperienced. During the migration, Honey spent most of her time around a lodge with her three sons and then returned to Kichwa Tembo plains just before the rains started in October. We were all so used to her being around , and making herself and her cubs available for guests, that it is difficult to accept that she is gone. Her death has left a huge cavern, and a devastating sense of sadness, in the mara that is felt by guests and guides alike.

Our hearts go out to her three little cubs that have been left without a mother to care for them. They have been traumatised by this untimely event and are still waiting for her to return. It is heartbreaking to watch as they keep looking out for her. They are however being cared for by many, and the Mara Conservancy will be feeding and protecting the cubs until they are old enough to fend for themselves. We remain positive that they will survive together and bring new cheetah life into the Mara.

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