Kenya has been much in the news over the last few weeks for the wrong reasons. A sad and tragic terrorist attack has impacted the country’s image. This is doubly unfortunate as Kenya remains the most popular of all tourist destinations in east Africa and as most visitors will attest, their holiday was perfect and trouble free. The combination of going on safari and then relaxing on the beach is alluring and with its spectacular Indian Ocean coastline, there is much to choose from. In no particular order and with much thought from our team, these are our picks of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya:

1. Galu Beach. Directly south of Diani beach and Mombasa lies one of the most amazing beaches in the world. Crystal clear blue water, fine white sand and for the most part, fairly empty. This lack of crowds translates into fewer people hassling you for massages or buying trinkets and you will also not be hard pressed to find a reclining sun bed under one of the permanent umbrellas.

2. Watamu Beach. Directly south of Malindi, Watamu is renowned for its wonderful white sand beach. It is also protected as part of the Watamu National Marine Park. The white sandy beaches and islands become hills when the tide is low, which makes this place unique. The lack of infrastructure adds to the allure of an isolated and wild beach location.

3. Malindi Beach. Malindi is famed for coral reefs that lie just 1,000 feet off its shore.Game fishing, surfing and simply relaxing on the vast expanses of white sand are the principal activities as well as visiting the old town of Malindi when you are so inclined.

4. Chale Island. Just off Diani beach you will find the tiny Chale Island. It is a wilderness island with colobus monkeys adding to the atmosphere and walking at low tide a key ingredient. If you don’t scare them, you will be surrounded by hundreds of small hermit crabs on the small coral beach. This is as near you will get to a Robinson Crusoe type environment.

5. Manda Island. Part of the Lamu archipelago, it is known for its abandoned 9th century ruins and excavations as well as a pristine natural environment of white sand and desert island beauty.

6. Diani Beach. South of Mombasa lies probably the most famous of all Kenya’s beaches. This 10 kilometre long beach allows you long walks as well as diving on the coral reefs. Black-and-white colobus monkeys add the exotic touch. There are many first class hotels and restaurants.

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Most beautiful beaches in Kenya

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