The Amboseli National Park encompasses over 39,000 hectares of the Kenyan plains and spans to the Tanzanian border. One of the highlights of the area includes the view of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, which stands in the southeast. The geographical features of the park additionally include five swamps, open grasslands, woodlands and rolling hills. The Maasai people comprise the largest percentage of the population, however, people from many other countries arrived and opted to reside here.

The rivers receive run-off from the mountains, which in turn feeds the springs of the basin. During the rainy season, these waterways flood the plains, creating adequate water holes for the masses of migrating animals. The park remains home to the “Big Five” and provides the best opportunity for observing wild elephants within a close, but safe distance. The park provides a home to over 50 carnivore and herbivore species in total. A bird watching hotspot, the park boasts around 400 bird species that include kingfishers, hammerkops and pelicans amongst others plus 47 predatory species.

The number of ways guests experience the national park and surroundings remains endless. Go on 4×4 open vehicle safaris day or night, which entails following paths in the bush in search of popular game animals. Seasoned local guides accompany guests on educational walking tours. Visitors not only learn how hunters track animals, but additionally discover how natural resources enhance the lives of the people.

Imagine enjoying breakfast while looking out over the plains and seeing the sun glisten on the snow-topped peaks of Kilimanjaro. Join a safari on horseback and run along a local herd of giraffe. Follow centuries old trails made by elephants and encounter a family of zebras at a watering hole. Sit in silence in the game hide and catch photographs of cheetahs and leopards. Take a relaxing boat ride along the Zambezi River and glide past hippopotamus. See crocodiles enter the water from the shoreline. Experience a canoe ride along the Nile River. Perhaps go quad-biking over the dunes. Gaze down at the landscape while riding in a hot air balloon over the plains. Experience the thrill of seeing the Victoria Falls from above.

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