The coastline of Africa offers a wealth of dive opportunities and there is no shortage of well-equipped operations to ensure that every diving holiday is one to remember. Let’s take a look at two spectacular dive locations off the usual tourist circuit.Northern Mozambique 

The huge expanse of Pemba Bay and the 27 islands of the Querimba Archipelago in northern Mozambique are an undiscovered jewel. Coral reefs boast a breathtaking array of hard and soft corals and shallow dives (up to 15 metres) will bring you into contact with resident seahorses and 140 species of sea shell, while beautiful reef fish dart amongst the anemones. This is an underwater photographer’s paradise!Deeper you will find the largest giant fan coral in Africa. Vertical reef walls promise dramatic deep dives up to 40 metres; into the domain of reef sharks, sunfish, moray eels, 4 species of dolphin, barracuda and other pelagic game fish. Humpback whales are frequent visitors to these shores between August and October and, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet turtles making their way out to sea: leatherbacks, loggerheads and green turtles lay their eggs on the sandy shores of the Querimba islands.

African Underwater Wonderlands;

  • Northern Mozambique Accommodation
  • Londo Lodge 
  • Matemo Island Resort

Lake Malawi
Lake Malawi is one of the world’s most noteworthy freshwater dive locations. The lake reaches depths of 700 metres and is home to over 1,000 species of tropical fish, 350 of which are cyclids found nowhere else on earth. Dives are only down to 20 metres – there is not much life deeper than this and the closest decompression chamber is located in far off Johannesburg!

Diving the lake is like exploring a giant aquarium. Nearly three-quarters of the world’s freshwater aquarium fish come from Lake Malawi … you will encounter teeming clouds of rainbow coloured cyclids darting around dramatic lunar-like rock formations. Giant catfish hide between the rocks while huge freshwater crabs scurry along the bottom. If you are lucky you will be joined by a cormorant diving for fish, or a friendly otter coming to play. Diving the lake is not technically challenging, so it is perfect for first-time divers … and the array of tropical fish is well worth the effort.

  • Lake Malawi Accommodation
  • Mumbo Island Camp 
  • Domwe Island Lodge

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