5-day Botswana Safari; This fantastic experience exceeded the high expectations I had, My 5 day safari to Botswana with Karibu Safaris was truly an unforgettable trip and an experience of a lifetime. (A combination of the Authentic Safari and the Stanley Safari).

It’s difficult to highlight a few memorable moments as there were plenty, but the opportunity to witness lions hunting zebra right in front of you is truly mind blowing, not to mention the mokoro trip with our popular and highly experienced guide added the ”cherry” on top.

I have to single out our guide Ronald, his great sense of humor and knowledge of the nature, the country and the culture contributed to make this a once in a lifetime experience and turned a great trip into a superb one. Ronald and his team provided great service and delicious meals!

It was great waking up to the smell of the fresh African bush and a spectacular sunrise – true relaxation.

I left the bush with a heavy heart and memories that will last forever.

By Suzaan Tiran

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