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Welcome to our news, information and opinion page. Our consultants and staff travel widely throughout Southern and Eastern Africa, looking and experiencing different lodges, hotels, camps and safari operations.

We also have our ear to the ground on topical African stories and meet interesting characters along the way. We bring these reports to you on this page and our social networks in a mixture of video interviews, photos and essays.


Rhino Wars

A few weeks we wrote about the scourge of rhino poaching and gave statistics as to the severity of the situation as well as proposing various alternatives to stop this bloody war. In this article we look at two different technological solutions to improve rhino security and diminish its attraction to potential poachers.

Amazing pictures of Elephants

The African elephant (of the genus Loxodonta), the iconic symbol of the African plains and bushveld. A animal that is revered across the world not only for its beauty and grace but also unfortunately for its ivory. One of the easier animals to photograph due to it’s size and fact that they are quite difficult to miss! Our team at Uyaphi have taken the greatest of pleasures in the past decade in snapping this selection of Amazing Elephant pictures. Enjoy!

Amazing pictures of Lions

One of my most formative experiences with these magnificent beasts was about thirty years ago in the Kora Game Reserve in north eastern Kenya working for the internationally renowned game ranger , George Adamson. Our battered Land Rover had broken down (again) about 15 kilometres from camp (kampi ya simba). Setting out in the sweltering midday sun, we were approaching the final track to camp at dusk only to be confronted by a large pride of about 11 lions casually blocking the road. We stared at each other for about half an hour. They couldn’t have been particularly hungry because I lived to tell you this tale but since that day, the die was cast. I was smitten by these creatures. Majestic, dignified and virile yet with a relaxed demeanor and gait.

African Animals in Decline

Our friends at Africa Geographic Magazine recently published a list of African animals in decline. This is not the same as endangered which is defined as “a species whose numbers are so small that the species is at risk of extinction”. This “African Animals in Decline” list focuses on these animals and birds whose numbers are declining so strongly that it will be difficult for the species to recover meaningfully. There is some crossover on these two types. This unfortunate hit parade is as follows:

Fair trade in tourism, Africa

In this video, we interview Lisa Scriven. This Canadian native was the Certification Manager for Fair Trade In Tourism, the NGO which acts as a regulator and incubator for sustainable tourism practises in South Africa (and Africa as a whole).

Rise of adventure Tourism and Voluntourism

The face of tourism is changing. There is still a big market for the packaged beach holiday or the Disney extravaganza but younger people are pushing the boundaries and into new directions. This is the generation of Facebook and National Geographic TV. The images of exotic adventure, fun, adrenalin and doing something different are pasted and posted on all formats of new media.

Camping in the Okavango Delta

By a coincidence of geography and geology, Botswana has within its boundaries one of the world’s great inland waterways, the Okavango Delta. The Okavango River drains water from the Angola highlands into a depression or trough which collects in a delta spreading over 10000 square kilometres. This is a happy accident because this area would otherwise be an arid desert like much of the surrounding area.

About Malaria

This Q & A interview is an abridged transcription of a video interview conducted with Dr Peter Vincent, head of the Tokai Medicross Hospital, in Tokai, Cape Town. Malaria remains a killer disease and any traveler to a malarial zone needs to understand the disease and how to combat it.

Everything you ever needed to know about Malaria

In this video interview, we speak with Dr Peter Vincent, head of the Travel Clinic at the Tokai Medicross Hospital in Tokai, Cape Town. He answers all the commonly asked questions by visitors to  malaria affected regions of Africa. What he adds in the interview and which we reiterate here is that you should seek advice and consultation from your local doctor when you travel to malaria areas and never forget to tell your doctor when you return from Africa and feel unwell, that you have traveled in such an area.

Botswana by Air

Some people are nervous about heights, some are agoraphobic; my particular phobia is flying. Upon discovering that I would have to endure two ‘big’ and four ‘little’ planes over a period of just four days, a cold sweat came over me which was slightly relieved when I discovered that we would be in one of the bigger Caravans instead of the much smaller Cessna’s.

Best Botswana Safari Ever

Having just returned from Botswana on what I regard as the “Best Botswana Safari Ever“, I simply must share my experience. Flying over on Air Botswana was fine, no delays as such. On arrival I was mesmerised with just how small a international airport can be, Maun airport is truly nothing what i expected but they say, great things come in small packages but not the case here.

Lions of Africa

Lions of Africa, most definitely one of the main reasons most people will go on safari. To see these animals the King (and Queen) of the African jungle in real life face-to-face is something to behold no matter where you are the matter what you are doing you will come to a dead stop and marvel at these marvellous creatures.

PRESS RELEASE: Uyaphi.Com leads in Botswana

Uyaphi.Com reservations manager Nicky Searle walked away with a 1.0 carat Botswana diamond at Indaba 2010. The award was presented by Karibu Safari Botswana in their international sales incentive competition for the year’s best individual sales person based on number of confirmed bookings, pax travelling and total value of sales.

The Top 5 safaris to do with Kids in Africa

1. Ride an Elephant

The Addo Elephant back Safari allows you to interact with elephants in their natural habitat bordering the Greater Addo Elephant National Park. Trained elephant handlers share their special knowledge about the animals on this leisurely 3 hour walk-and-talk. Children to be accompanied by a parent.

5-day Botswana Safari

5-day Botswana Safari; This fantastic experience exceeded the high expectations I had, My 5 day safari to Botswana with Karibu Safaris was truly an unforgettable trip and an experience of a lifetime. (A combination of the Authentic Safari and the Stanley Safari).